Himeka Akishino
Kanji 秋篠 姫香
Romaji Akishino Himeka
Age 14
Birthday 15 May
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Blood Group AB
Relatives Unknown
Voice Actor Hisako Kanemoto

Himeko Akishino (秋篠 姫香 Akishino Himeka) is Eita's former "girlfriend" from the "past life". She also has a one-sided crush on Eita. She has delusions of herself and Eita as a couple.

Personality and Looks

Himeka is really quiet, timid and somewhat childish. She has long navy black hair, that is tied in a low ponytail tied with a hairband, and has blue eyes. Her bangs resemble a hime-cut with some of her bangs on the right side of her face with a hairclip. Despite seemingly slim in a school uniform, she is actually quite well endowed. Also, she has delusions of herself and Eita being a couple in the "past life" and calls herself "Burning Princess Saint Dragon Lady of Dawn".


Himeka's family runs an inn "Akishino's Bread and Breakfast" which she often helps out in during the summer period. Due to her shy nature, Himeka doesn't have any friends before. When she was still in middle school she had hope that she will meet "the new world" when she enrolled into high school, but as soon as she got into high school she realizes that nothing has changed so she perceived the world as  bleak and grey. Until she meet Eita by the time when he was trying to protect Chiwa from the bullies in front of the train station. At that moment, she gets an impression on him which she describe as the “bright shining colorful light” and grew attached on him since then.


Eita Kido

Himeka has a crush on Eita. She have delusions of herself and Eita as a  couple in the "past life". She said that if Eita ever hates her, she will always love him which Eita assures her that he will never hate her. 

Ep 13 -eita x himeka-

Masuzu Natsukawa

Hime acknowledge Masuzu as "Eita's girlfriend in his present life".

Chiwa Harusaki

Ai Fuyuumi

Himeka calls Ai "Love Master".

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  • The character word "秋" (Aki) on her name means autumn.


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