Kenran Heishi Student Striker is a monster-striking game developed by Insomniac and published by DMM Games Corporation. It released on July 22, 2017 as a role playing game and is a first game on the OreShura series. The gameplay and story follows some boys and girls at their career of a producer in charge of the 45 students on their way to battle at its Singapore districts. Considering on cosplay or battling scenes either, but later, diamond contains to its gameplay insides to their students on their way to future.

Gameplay Edit

This gameplay contains a role of its producer working for the talent 26 production (26 pro) who is in charge of the 45 students on their way to those districts of Singapore countries. They include: the fire elemental students is now added at all: Solaris Canto, Sakura Andromeda, Elita Verdicia, Litma Amorosa, Sally Saturnus, Rhea Canzona, Lily Jupiter, Ghana Marguerite and July Mars (who became a secret agent). The other students are later added at this point of its gameplay. However, items contains on their enemies in several districts. Rilla was added another student, but probably not in here, as this enemy production to came out.

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